Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tomato time!

Today's tomato harvest:

6 Mexico Midgets
3 Jellybeans
1 Homestead

I pulled the Homestead a little early because some Bluejays were
lurking around the garden this morning and I was worried they'd damage
it before it could ripen. It's fully red and just needs to soften up
a little---a few days on the countertop will solve that. The Stupice
is starting to ripen its first tomato. I think I will be putting some
bird netting out because the plant is a little leggy and there's not
much foliage covering the fruit. Any Jaybird worth his feathers will
be spotting it soon. White Beauty and Snow White Cherry have set
fruit, but none is ripe yet. At least, I don't think any is ripe.
Some of the white tomatoes are turning from green to white, but
they're all still super hard. Brandywine doesn't have fruits or